Marijuana Sugar Cookies w Weed Butter – Munchie of the Week – Master Bong

LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR HIGH5s & HIGH VIBES! Come On By Sign up to WIN We all love cookies so I decided to make a fresh batch of Sugar Cookies with a little green twist. These cookies are made from scratch just like grandma used to bake, and yes you too

CHEWY Canna Chocolate Chip Cookies aka WEED Cookies (no music)

Chewy Canna Chocolate Chip Cookies aka Classic Weed Cookies How to make the most delicious chewy cannabis chocolate cookies ever! music version: Ingredients: -2 cups white flour -1 tsp baking soda -pinch of salt -½ cup white sugar -½ cup brown sugar -1 cup cannabutter -4 tbsp almond milk -1 tsp vanilla extract -1 cup chocolate chips Instructions: _______________________________________________________________ 1) Preheat oven

How to Make Cannabis Infused Freezer Cookies

Many people get tired of the age-old “magic brownie” and look for new ways to enjoy edibles. The rise in demand and popularity have made medicated munchies a highly anticipated trend, but not many have jumped on the frozen-treat train just yet. For those wondering how to chill out while

Cooking With Marijuana – Peanut Bud-der Cookies

For more information, This is an excellent recipe for those who want to bake their weed instead of smoke them. Hosted by Watermelon with special appearance of her mom. They show you how to create Peanut Bud-der Cookies and give you tips for cooking with weed. marijuana cooking brownies weed brownies with weed weed

Marijuana recipe: Grandma’s small-batch peanut butter cookies

What happens when you take grandma's recipe for small-batch peanut butter cookies and add marijuana to the mix? Pure magic. ___________ See more news on Subscribe on YouTube: Subscribe to The Cannabist Show podcast: Watch The Cannabist Show: Watch more Cannabist videos: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Whit Chocolate Macadamia Cookies | HERB Video Recipes

Theses lime, white chocolate, and macadamia cookies are a little bit magical. Click SHOW MORE for recipe ingredients and instructions. Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 10-12 minutes Serving size: 1 cookie Yield: About 9 cookies Recipe Ingredients: - ¾ cup MagicalButter, clarified or melted - 1⅔ cup flour - ¾ cup brown sugar - ¾ cup macadamia nuts

How to Bake Cannabis Infused White Chocolate Green Tea Cookies with Défoncé

Grow with us! SUBSCRIBE NOW : Défoncé infuses the newest season of The Smoking Pot. In this episode, find out how tea and THC combine to make a therapeutic impact with White Chocolate Green Tea Cookies. Look below to learn more! Follow the PRØHBTD Journey! FB: IG: TW: Green tea and cannabis are


Check out our site - for written instructions, and other awesome weed content. In this video we teach you how to make Cannabutter in under a minute. Cannabutter is the base ingredient in wide variety of marijuana edibles. In fact weed butter is the most common and popular form

Cannabutter or Canna-oil? The Best Cooking Oil For THC Cannabis Infusions: Marijuana Tips & Tricks

Cannabutter or Canna-oil? What is the Best Cooking Oil For THC Cannabis Infusions? We find out today on Marijuana Tips & Tricks. Save 10% in the RuffHouse Smoke Shop with the code: "CANNABASICS": Sponsored by tCheck THC potency checker: Today we are running an experiment to determine which oil is


SUBSCRIBE TO ME ON YOU TUBE Where Else Can You Find Me Online? FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK STALK ME ON TWITTER HAPPY SNAPS GO HERE ON INSTAGRAM - msdessertjunkie BLOG _____________________________________________ Ingredients - Makes about 20 cookies 190g of Plain or All-Purpose Flour 5g Baking Powder 5g Bi-Carb/Baking Soda Good pinch of salt 125 Coconut Oil, solid