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Cookies Kush from Barney’s Farm is a cross of specially selected Girl Scout Cookies pheno crossed with the very potent OG Kush (Rolex pheno). This Indica dominant hybrid is definitely a unique blend that any Cookies fan would enjoy.

Cookies Kush Flowering Time: 56 to 60 Days
Yield: Up to 500 gr/m2
Top-Rated Quality – Cup Champions
F1 Hybrid – OG Kush (Rolex Pheno) X Girl Scout Cookies

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14 thoughts on “Cookies Kush Strain Review | Cannabis Lifestyle TV

  1. I hope they made those papers better they look awesome. When I went to puerto rico I swear it was like 10 hits and the blunt was gone it burns way to fast. Also the filter was nice ( and I put at lest a gram or more every time I rolled one) but that bud looks fire

    1. bic_boy_gamernation Dude… I’m Puerto Rican and lived in P.R. for a while… don’t smoke ANYTHING off that fucking island. Trust me! Them niggas out there are fucking grimy with the extra shit they spray on their bud, papers, and wraps. I’ve had 3 bad experiences in my 17 years of smoking herb. All of them were in P.R. … I love my people… but they’re fucking up the game right now bruh…. and that’s not a compliment!

    1. I don’t know but it’s called Arizona North western lights it’s a hybrid and the other one I was talking about is called blue God if you can find it and smoke one for me it will be a awesome show lol

  2. Looks like I’ll put thst out after 3 puffs lol…Soon as I get my bread right I’m going to get a couple hoodies for sure..

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