Here Are The Visible Side Effects Of Weed On The Human Body And Mind To Watch Out For

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Effects of weed – – Marijuana changes

your personality, your abilities…..YOU! Stop smoking marijuana now and start to regain your life. Help is available for

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Fort Worth, TX.


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6 thoughts on “Here Are The Visible Side Effects Of Weed On The Human Body And Mind To Watch Out For

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  2. Sometimes my mind kind of gravitates to the pleasurable idea of taking a
    hit of weed just to mellow out. But after almost a year of not smoking
    (thanks to Nemery Thentel’s website, google it), I know exactly what I have
    to do, including watching videos like these, thanks!!

  3. Marijuana contains 421 chemicals but the main mind – altering chemical in
    marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinon or THC. The intensity of THC
    content in marijuana after the cultivation phase ranges from less than 1%
    to more the 30 %. The higher end of this range has been increasing
    dramatically making it more potent and addictive in nature. The brain parts
    which are most affected includes those that impacts thinking, memory,
    concentration, time perception and sensory and coordinated movement.
    Chronic marijuana use has found to have strong association with increased
    rate of anxiety, depression and schizophrenia. Even the high doses of
    marijuana can result in an acute psychotic reaction. Compared to nonusers,
    heavy marijuana users more often report lower life satisfaction, poorer
    mental health, poorer physical health And more relationship problems. Users
    also report less academic and Career success.

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