I Made Weed Brownies & Nearly Died Twice!

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One of the craziest nights of my life. I thought I was dead.
Comment below which story you’d like to hear next! OH! & meet my dog Tigger Lol. He wanted to be cuddled at first.

Starting up a new Storytime segment on my channel every Tuesday! There will be a new one up every Tuesday!


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7 thoughts on “I Made Weed Brownies & Nearly Died Twice!

  1. hahaha I want to hear the one when the first one you get high!!!! OMG i myself want to do some storytime.. but you familly been judging

    1. +VanillaPamela I know!!! I’m hoping none of our aunties come on here with hate lmao. But honestly I’m at the point where I’m like who caressssss. It’s MY YouTube channel not theirs lol

    1. +Chelle Belle Beauty lmao believe after that I sniffed every brownie given to me. Can never be too sure.

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