Infused Canna Coconut Oil with ABV weed || Simple Recipe (no music) (4k)

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How to make Canna Coconut Oil using ABV weed with this simple and clean method

music version:

-1oz ABV (already been vaped) weed
-2 cups coconut oil

-use a double-boiler to melt coconut oil on medium heat
-place abv in cheesecloth and tie securely
-add abv pouch to coconut oil and heat for 2 hours
-periodically, check the water level of the double boiler and add as necessary so that the water level is just below the upper bowl
-let the infused canna coconut oil cool for 10mins
-wring out every last drop of infused canna coconut oil from the avb pouch
-store infused canna coconut oil in a glass jar


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12 thoughts on “Infused Canna Coconut Oil with ABV weed || Simple Recipe (no music) (4k)

  1. Hi, I love your how to video. I was just wondering what was the temp setting you vabed (lowest to highest temp) on so you were still able to use the ABV end product to make this oil? I use the oil & vape & consume edibles to help manage my constant seizures – chronic sharp pain – constant muscle spasms (I have SPS / Stiff Person Syndrome), when I’m done vaping usually my end product is already chard, would I still be able to use my ABV’s to make this oil? Thank you for your help

    PS: I’m new to this. I just started to use medical cannabis this year & I’m still learning, so thank you for your other videos as well 😊

  2. Hi made my first batch yesterday, put in mason jar did NOT put it in the fridge, when i woke up i seen it turned back to a solid with a tiny bit of liquid on top, is this suposed to happen? Any help or info please, am i supposed to put in the fridge? is it supposed to turn back to solid or did it have to stay liquid? did i or am i doing something wrong?

    1. Hey no worries, it does turn to solid if you put it in the fridge.
      Just put the mason jar in a bowl of warm water and the canna coconut oil will melt into a liquid form again and you’re good to go.

    1. Hey sonti yo,
      You leave the stove on medium while you are double boiling the coconut oil. Just make sure to check your water levels so that it doesn’t get too low. You want the water level to be just below the bowl you have the coconut oil in.

  3. Does the oil eventually harden? If I put this in gelatin capsules will that be okay? If not, what is the best type of canna-oil to put in gel capsules?

    1. it will harden yes, coconot oil is solid until like 17 degrees celcius so depending on ur room temparture it will be either solid or hard

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