Infused Eats – How it Works (Interactive Marijuana Recipe Book)

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Infused Eats is an interactive cookbook of marijuana infused recipes from RuffHouse Studios. It’s an easy to follow guide for cooking delicious and highly effective cannabis creations.

The first step to get started is to select the Membership plan that fits your needs. Then you can quickly fill in your account details and pay safely and discreetly with PayPal or using your Credit Card.

You will then have full access to the growing selection of marijuana recipes which are organized, detailed and very easy to follow. Each recipe has a video companion and plays perfectly on web, tablets and even mobile phones.

New recipes are added regularly. So sign up for Infused Eats today and get started cooking with marijuana!

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12 thoughts on “Infused Eats – How it Works (Interactive Marijuana Recipe Book)

  1. At first I thought this was a shameless cash grab, then I saw the price…
    Shoulda never doubted you ruff house, hell this is cheaper than a few blunt

  2. Awesome to see a nice fast presentation and a cool product instead of a
    hippy selling me a napkin whith the words ”u put weed in a cookie and it
    tastes yumehhh” thanks for that!

    1. +RuffHouse Studios hey no problem, I like a lot of your recipes & I like to
      pass the word along,
      I make Green DRAGON TINCTURE, I’ve always used everclear 150prf tastes
      awful I’m going to use rum 151 & coconut extract, how much extract should I
      put in a 5th?

  3. It’s very amazing how much you guys have progressed! You are the most
    professional marijuana YouTube channel and that’s why I believe you have so
    many subscribers! Keep doing what you’re doing!

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