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Reviews • Tutorials • and more! We are Cannabis Lifestyle TV💯 As Cannabis enthusiasts and Medical Marijuana patients, we’re always looking for ways to have a better overall experience with sweet Mary Jane and do our part to help the Marijuana Legalization Movement worldwide. Our passion for the plant and professional skillset sparked the idea:

How to Make Cannabis French Fries | Cannabis Lifestyle TV

Looking for a dank Cannabis infused munchie? Look no further... We got some Ganja Fries on deck for this Medible Minute! Learn how to man Cannabis infused French Fries with Chef Trey in this easy to follow Medical Marijuana edible recipe. Subscribe to our newsletter and enter to win a chance to

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Yocan Evolve Plus XL Review | Cannabis Lifestyle TV

We were fortunate enough to connect with Yocan to test out their latest product, the Evolve Plus XL. We decided to review their new wax/oil vaporizer and let you guys know what we think of it. Get your own here - - About the Evolve Plus XL- The Yocan Evolve Plus XL uses

Smoak Pipe Review | Cannabis Lifestyle TV

Get a Smoak Pipe here ➡️ We always like to try out the latest and greatest products in the Cannabis industry, but sometimes you find that the classics are the most reliable and useful items to own. This is one of those pieces... The Smoak Pipe is a Wood Cigar-like Chillum or

How to Make Medicated Chicken Wings | Cannabis Lifestyle TV

Today we're infusing Cannabis with a fan favorite snack to create one extremely dank munchie: Medicated Chicken Wings! Cannabis Infused Chicken Wings are relatively easy to make, but the end result all depends on how you prefer your wings. Trey shares his favorite blend of herbs and spice, with Cannabis Infused