Cannabis Christmas – Cooking Christmas Dinner with Marijuana

Cannabis and Christmas, two of our favorite things. This year dear friends and family (Framily) that work at marijuana dispensaries and/or are growers in the weed legal state of Oregon got together for a Christmas feast and what a fabulous feast it was. Budbutter or Cannabutter was cooked into everything for

Growing Autoflowers [Smoke Sesh] – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

Growing Autoflower Cannabis Plants CLtv Smoke Sesh #3 Growing your own Cannabis is AWESOME. Just don't expect to throw a seed in some soil and magically get some dank herb overnight.  There IS a way that you can speed up the process though...GROW AUTOFLOWERING CANNABIS PLANTS! If you're not familiar with autoflower strains, they're one of

How To Make Cannabis Tincture | HERB VIDEO

Chasing the Green Dragon: Making Cannabis Tincture Easy as 1-2-3 Click 'SHOW MORE' for recipe guide. Recipe: CANNABIS Tincture - BASE RECIPE Cycle time: 4-8 hours Yield: 2-5 cups Ingredients ● ¼-1 ounce botanicals per cup*, decarbed ● 2-5 cups Everclear grain alcohol, 151 or 190 proof (or vegetable

Blackberry OG Strain Review Cannabis Lifestyle TV

If you're looking for a large producing Berry strain, then you might be want to check out Emerald Triangle's Blackberry OG. Get Blackberry OG seeds here - Genetics: Black Domina X Very Berry X Lost Coast OG Kush Yield: Good Flower time: 8 to 9 weeks Sativa / Indica ratio - 80% Indica;

Cannabis infused Popcorn

Cannabis infused popcorn is the perfect snack for a movie's night at home if u don't feel like smoking weed. ➥ Subscribe Cannadish: Visit our website for more recipes: