Cannabis butter with the magical butter machine

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Marijuana infused guacamole

cannabis oil to make this weed infused mexican avocado dip. For more marijuana recipes check us out: ➥ Subscribe Cannadish: Visit our website for more recipes:

how to make Cannabis Chocolate Muffins

Cannabis infused muffins made with canna butter. These marijuana muffins are simple to make and u can do it with any kind of weed. We illustrate our weed videos with 1 minute cooking videos to make it easy to follow for lovers of edibles/medibles. Medical marijuana edibles videos uploaded weekly. If u

Cannabis Coconut Oil + Brownies!

Sorry for my professional camera work and the amazing pixels lol quite an old video I decided to re-upload. Quick and easy way to make organic cannabis oil at home. It looks yellow under the light at first but trust me, it was GREEN.

How To Make Cannabis Tea (Cannatea)

Get a Cannabis cookbook: (Affiliate) My Cannabutter recipe episode: Be sure to hit me up on Facebook: Cannatea, Weed Tea, goes by many names. Today we'll learn how to make a few cups of it. I will give you guys an easy butter-based recipe for Marijuana