How to Make Cannabis Infused Freezer Cookies

Many people get tired of the age-old “magic brownie” and look for new ways to enjoy edibles. The rise in demand and popularity have made medicated munchies a highly anticipated trend, but not many have jumped on the frozen-treat train just yet. For those wondering how to chill out while

How to Bake Cannabis Infused White Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookie Edibles

The delicious tropical flavors of coconut make a fine addition to chocolate chip cookies. Want to elevate your cookies one step higher? Add the taste of the tropics using Toasted Coconut Oil, a PROHBTD-recipe infusion found here: EQUIPMENT: One Large Glass Bowl Tablespoon Teaspoon Parchment Paper Cookie Sheet Flour Sifter Wet Measuring Cup Dry Measuring Cup INGREDIENTS: 1/2 LB of Toasted

How to Make Cannabis Infused Toasted Coconut Oil for Edibles

Health gurus like to classify coconut oil as a superfood, but even super can be improved upon as evidenced by this culinary-cannabis recipe. Utilize toasted coconut oil as a tasty addition to baked goods, hot beverages, coconut shrimp, stir fry and PROHBTD’s own green-on-green smoothie. TIME: 15 Minutes Prep 4 Hours

How to Make Cannabis Tincture

England, 1839: Charles Darwin married his cousin, the Brits started the First Opium War and the world’s first commercial electric telegraph came online. Do you know what else happened that year? Dr. William O’Shaughnessy of indica fame presented the paper “On the Preparations of the Indian Hemp, or Gunjah” and