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Looking to get a Medical Marijuana grow room set up? AWESOME!

We decided to put together a video breaking down what you’ll need to buy in order to get your indoor Cannabis garden started.

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19 thoughts on “What You Need to Start a Marijuana Grow Room | Cannabis Lifestyle TV

  1. Then you need ph meter you also need a tds meter or ppm reader then you need soil what med or you hydro then find all the right nutrients and I don’t spray my plants with water also you need a Ro system or Brita filter

    1. +rob machowicz oh absolutely, thats a major fuck up. I only do sprays earlier in veg, especially for babies. Once they’re in flower they don’t get foliage spray

      We’ll be discussing that in the 420 Growers Club, but I think a video here would be very helpful too

    2. Cannabis Lifestyle TV well I found out that if you spray them at wrong times it closes or blocks the forgot what they called but it’s like how they breath An take in the air exchange an when you spray you are adding in humidity so you gotta watch those rh levels An never never spray in flower

    3. +rob machowicz no foliage spray either? Different strokes for different folks, the end result it what matters most. Your garden is looking awesome

  2. You need 3x3x5 for veg then you need a 5x5x6.5 for flower then you need 8 t5s for the veg tent room then you need a 600-1000watt hps for flower room or tent then you need air movement in either room and depends on room how your growing is it a tent is it a room but also when you use hood you wanna suck the air out not push threw

    1. Cannabis Lifestyle TV any time bro would love to be apart of that growing page love to help others that need help and getting the right meds

    1. +rob machowicz 💯 bro
      Yeah, it definitely isn’t typical, but great results can be achieved if you got the right set up. Shit, if you got the right budget really lol

    2. Cannabis Lifestyle TV yes sir great minds think alike An yeah I know of one dude that is doing great with led but he’s got like 10-12 LEDs in a whole room An has them in movable trays like they 4 feet off ground have rollers An he scrogs them

    3. TheBird0fHermes yea a 5×5 tent I would use to start 8 t5s or a 600 Watt digital ballast then you can use metal hilight An then when you flower you can switch to a hps light to flower Cuz then you don’t gotta buy the t5s but if you wanna use less watts to start use a 8 bulb t5 you want 4,000k for veg and then you want 3,000k for flower so any t5s from 4,000k to 6,500k will be good to veg

    4. +rob machowicz Ive seen some amazing LED flowers, but they were using $1000+ lights and had the space for multiple lights. Thats really why I didnt bring it up in the video, I have a buddy who is killing it with LED’s that I’m gonna have come on the show soon.

      That’s just not how I grow, I keep things affordable and effective.

      You and I are thinking a like when it comes to setting up a room so thanks for sharing all the info in the comment sections

    5. Cannabis Lifestyle TV that’s why I was saying 400 watt is to small an 600 is jus right it is great for the new grower an the less problems 89$ get you a hortlux super lumen hps bulb an good to go for flower also great thing about the digital ballast is you can use them for veg with a metal hilight An then switch thee bulb to the high pressure sodium when flower sorry spelling takin kid into school but leds are more jus for 2×4 or 3×3 you don’t wanna spend 500-2000$ on a light an you either have tooo much light or too Lil light or it’s jus not that good of a light for years ppl and growers have used hps lights when do you hear a guy say oh bro I got blah blah from this led Id say honest led is great for veg but flower they aren’t there jus yet

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